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If you survived a relationship with a Narcissist, You are more than a Survivor, you are a Super Human!

  • Survivors of Narcissist Abuse are the strongest people on earth!

  • Being around and in a relationship with a Narc is HELL ON EARTH!

  • No, you are not stupid, slow, or unworthy of love, you just got caught in the web of the most deceitful human being on earth. 

  • A Narc CANNOT tell the truth, so know that everything out their mouth will be a lie!!

I Help people overcome repetitive life cycles, trauma and pain so they can turn that pain into their super power, in order to heal and show up powerfully  within their lives as their authentic selves while sharing their life calling and passions with the world.   

Moving You Forward

Are you feeling burnt out by life? Questioning who you are and lost your fever for living? Feeling like you are in a fog with no sun in sight? Your business and relationships are suffering? Losing weight or gaining weight extremely fast? feeling depressed and questioning your purpose? In a lot of inner pain and want it to stop immediately? 

I understand exactly where you are. I have been there and almost took my life because I was so depressed. I couldn't stop the negative thoughts or voice inside my head. I Lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and did not care if I woke up the next day. 

However, this time was a pivot point in my life and I learned the process to overcome narcissistic abuse. I now help others that are in the field of making other's life better turn their life around and back on track.....Healed!!

I tribute my work to my Mother, the late Carole Ann Nelson who died a broken woman that was abused by her narcissistic husband.

  1. Are you not sleeping well at night?

  2. Questioning your worth?

  3. Not understanding why you keep repeating life cycles with different people?

  4. Feeling empty and broken inside?

  5. Questioning what you have done to deserve so much heartache in life?

  6. Settling for situations and relationships that are not fulfilling you?

  7. Feeling Stuck?

  8. Unable to quiet the mind chatter?

  9. Forgiving others but unable to forgive yourself?

  10. See nothing but toxicity all around you?

Dr. Dani Lee Harris

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My Story

Although I have been coaching since 2008, it wasn't until a major loss in my life in 2017, that I had an epiphany moment in my life. I was broken and devestated like never before as I later discovered I was in a relationship with a narcissist. My "perfect" world came crashing down, as I was facing financial ruin, a divorce, betrayal from family and friends, and depression. It was during this epiphany moment in my life that I learned how to tap into an inner power and discovered personal power and freedom like never before.
I survived years of narcissistic abuse and was able to show up for my clients and business in a powerful way.
This is where your journey of turning your PAIN into POWER begins!

  • “There is no better freedom than freedom from oneself".

  • ”Developing an unshakable mindset is the starting point to personal freedom".

  • Returning back to our authentic self means taking a trip back to the beginning".

  • "All 4 core states of being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs regular checkups, diagnosis, prescription, and maintainance"

Dr. Dani Lee Harris

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